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Hi! My name is Cliff L. Biffle. This is my website.

I currently work at X (formerly Google[x]), which as of this writing is slowly spinning out of Google. I work on the Rapid Evaluation team, guiding early engineering work on new projects (and occasionally getting to do some of it myself). My current projects are not public, but some of my past projects are!

  • Project Loon, which I founded in 2011 with Rich DeVaul and Josh Weaver. I worked on Loon for its first four years, helping grow it from an early research project into a production system.

  • Glass, where Ed Keyes and I built the first prototype that resembles the modern system in form factor and functionality, albeit (deliberately) without a camera.

  • Native Client, where I helped port the system to ARM, and helped create mechanisms for sandboxed self-modifying code.

If you want to learn more about my professional work, find me on LinkedIn.

In my spare time, I occasionally post to my blog, build projects, publish papers, and the like.

Oh, and I designed some joke programming languages that proved surprisingly popular.

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