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Hi! My name is Cliff L. Biffle, and this is my website.

I’m originally from Arizona. Ever since I woke up from New Years 2006, I’ve been working at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Must have been quite a party.) I’m in Google[x], working on stuff I can’t talk about yet. Here are some awesome things I’ve gotten to work on previously:

  • Project Loon, which I founded in 2011 with Rich DeVaul and Josh Weaver. I worked on Loon for its first four years, helping grow it from an early research project into a production system.

  • Glass, where Ed Keyes and I built the first prototype that resembles the modern system in form factor and functionality, albeit (deliberately) without a camera.

  • Native Client, where I helped port the system to ARM, and helped create mechanisms for sandboxed self-modifying code.

In my spare time, I occasionally post to my blog, build projects, publish papers, and the like.

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