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3G 5D Mini

3G 5D Mini mounted on a MakerBot Cupcake

3G 5D Mini mounted on a MakerBot Cupcake

With this add-on board, your original MakerBot Cupcake can drive an additional stepper motor.

What on earth will you do with an additional stepper motor? Drive a stepper extruder, of course!

Stepper extruders can precisely control the flow of plastic, and can stop plastic from flowing between printed bits — an obvious thing in hindsight, and it’s amazing we’ve gotten this far without it!

My design is inspired by Rob Giseburt’s 3G 5D Shield, and is completely compatible with it — you don’t have to compile your own firmware, because the firmware is already available through ReplicatorG.

Building the Mini requires basic surface-mount soldering skills — but the surface mount parts are huge, so don’t let that scare you. Head over to the 3G5D Mini Thingiverse page to build your own!

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