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Chess Set I

One of each piece

One of each piece

A traditional, Staunton-style chess set. This was one of my first published models, when I was still learning β€” can you believe all vertices were placed by hand? β€” but it has proven to be a very popular print!


  • A 3D printer.


  • A whole bunch of raw material, preferably in two colors. Alternatively, you can color some of the pieces using markers, paint, vinyl dye, etc.


  1. Print 8 pawns in each color. On a homebuilt machine it’s best to print them in groups (up to 8 in one go) β€” it helps with cooling.
  2. Print 2 rooks in each color.
  3. Print 2 bishops in each color.
  4. Print 2 knights in each color.
  5. Print one queen in each color.
  6. Print one king in each color. The king has a little cross that prints alongside him (to avoid excessive overhang). You will need to glue or friction fit this on top of his crown. (Or somewhere else, if you want to get creative.)


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