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Four-drawer incarnation

Four-drawer incarnation

I wanted a small toolchest to organize hand tools and soldering supplies in my office. Because I don’t like having to design anything more than once, I wrote a parametric chest-of-drawers generator in OpenSCAD. It’s adaptable to any material, any size, and any number of drawers. Go crazy!


  • A lasercutter or router.


  • Some flat material. I used 1/4" birch plywood; acrylic would also work nicely. If you’re on a budget, corrugated cardboard would do.


Whenever you’re in doubt about how the parts should go together, refer to the mock system rendering in OpenSCAD. All parts are color-coded so you can distinguish them (if you can see colors; if not, use OpenSCAD’s # and % modifiers to highlight parts).

  1. Use a caliper to measure the exact thickness of your material. It’s rarely what the label says! My 1/4" plywood is actually 5.1 mm thick.
  2. Edit the drawers.scad file, setting the parameters to describe your ideal chest of drawers. It’s important to set T, the material thickness, using the value you measured in step 1. Or: create a second file that imports drawers.scad and sets the parameters how you like.
  3. Cut the pieces.
  4. Finish as desired.
  5. Slot together the case. For chests containing more than one drawer, the case includes thin support rails that need to be glued in place beneath each drawer (unless yours miraculously fit by friction alone). If the case feels shaky, add glue as needed.
  6. Assemble each drawer. Add glue if needed.


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