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Case for NuForce Icon uDAC 2

Assembled Case

Assembled Case

This is a replacement case and faceplate for the NuForce Icon uDAC 2, commissioned by a friend. He discovered that buying the DAC without a case saves $60 — basically half the retail price.


  • A 3D printer.
  • An M3 tap.


  • 8x M3 x 8mm socket-cap bolts. (M3 x 12mm will do in a pinch.)
  • About 6cc of raw material. I suggest PLA: it’s translucent, so the DAC’s LED can shine through. The only down-side is that it doesn’t take bolts as well as ABS.
  • One bare-board NuForce Icon uDAC 2.


  1. Print the faceplate.
  2. Start printing the case. While it prints, make sure the faceplate bolt holes will accept an M3 bolt. Enlarge them if needed.
  3. When the case is finished, tap and/or enlarge the bolt holes so they securely accept M3 bolts.
  4. Assemble.


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