I’m a big fan of static sites and simple servers. These pages are generated by Zola and served by a lightweight static file server of my own design. HTTP requests (which these days are almost always RSS readers) are being redirected to HTTPS by another small program I wrote. The intent here is to keep things as simple as possible — so the site is fast for you, and cheap for me:

My website respects your privacy, does not set cookies, and does not track you across the web. I log your originating IP address and user-agent header (should you choose to send one) only temporarily, to help me diagnose network issues and defend against certain kinds of attacks.

The theme is derived from Hyde by Mark Otto. Body text is typeset in PT Sans, code samples are in Source Code Pro, and my wordmark uses Abril Fatface.

Posts related to the production and upkeep of the site are filed under colophon, so you can use that to get the latest updates if you’re curious.