Sorghum gingersnaps

Status: Alpha

Makes: around 100 cookies

Takes: about 9 hours start to finish, about 20m active work

These cookies come out small, which is good, because it’s hard to stop eating them. That’s why I only bake half a batch at a time.

Sorghum syrup may not be a thing where you live. You can try substituting molasses or date syrup. (I haven’t tried either.)

This recipe is derived from several online recipes, with a particular influence from Rebecca Blackwell’s recipe.



Dough, wet ingredients (can collect in a small bowl):

Dough, dry ingredients (can collect in a medium bowl):

Coating (not needed until baking):




At this point, I freeze half the dough for another time, because 100 cookies is far too many cookies, and I only have so many half sheet pans. To freeze, wrap the dough tightly in plastic wrap or a ziploc. To use the frozen dough, allow it to thaw in the fridge overnight.

Baking (half batch - full batch may take two trips):